It’s hard to think of the pandemic and the impact it has created as something “good.” However, while many aspects of life won’t be the same, there are some areas that may have changed for the better. More parents and families staying at home together means more opportunities to create closer connections and strengthen bonds.  Still, while parents and kids are physically together, are you really taking this once in a lifetime opportunity to know your kids and build stronger relationships with them? With so many things happening at home, it is easy to forget to set time to bond and know your child. 

As a partner of Moms in making lunch time more delicious, Tang is encouraging parents to use lunch time as an opportunity to spend real time with your kids, having conversations, and get to know each other more. Parents have you tried having #UsapangTanghalian? 

Because of the pandemic too, work as well as home dynamics have changed, with parents having busier schedules and kids occupied with school or play. That’s why lunch time presents the perfect shared opportunity to spend meaningful time for parents and their kids. It’s a time when everyone can sit, slow down, enjoy food together and have conversations. It’s a time for #UsapangTANGhalian. A golden time to ask your child questions about his or her day, while enjoying delicious food and a refreshing glass of Tang.    

Tang strongly believes that lunch can be a moment to build stronger relationships with your kids. It is about the power of conversations to know your kids, understand their perspective, and check up on their emotional well-being. With its new campaign, #UsapangTANGhalian, Tang leads the way in reminding moms to be fully present during tanghalians, taking this time to nurture their kid through refreshing Tang drinks with 100% Vitamin C and meaningful conversations. 

Together with Camille Prats, Tang’s new endorser, showcases how every tanghalian can be transformed into bonding moments. Camille shares with us a real #UsapangTANGhalian with her son Nathan, one of which has led to a surprising revelation that helped her understand her son better. Camille shares, “Nathan is always busy with online school and I was curious if he needed help with anything. Whenever I would ask, he replies, “Nothing Mom, kaya ko ‘to.”. One lunch time, I decided to ask: Is there anything mom can do better? And he told me that he appreciated every time I would check up on him because it made him feel that I was always there for him. This made me tear up and surprised me at how much Nathan appreciates the little things I do”. As a hands-on mom Camille believes, like Tang, that all parents should use their time together with their kids as an opportunity to build stronger relationships, nurture their them, and prepare them for an even better future.  

Tang’s #UsapangTANGhalian takes a step further by partnering with Facebook Mom Communities such as Mommy Mundo, Lifestyle Moms PH, Usapang Nanay, Moms Support Moms PH, Moms Club PH, 1ST Time Moms, and many more to kickstart the transformation of every tanghalian into an #UsapangTANGhalian. Within each community, hundreds of Moms will be sharing their experiences and tips to start an #UsapangTANGhalian. Tang will also be launching a Facebook and Instagram filter that suggests a question for parents and kid; with the hopes of making #UsapangTANGhalian fun and helping moms capture these bonding moments. 

In addition to advocating for stronger parent and kid relationships, Tang is also encouraging moms to serve healthier beverages over lunch. With the 100% Vitamin C of two oranges in every refreshing glass, Tang provides the protection your kid needs. So, Tang calls out to all moms to transform tanghalian from being a rushed and neglected meal to being a time to prepare their kids for a better future through #UsapangTANGhalian and the 100% Vitamin C of Tang. 

Kaya mga mommies and daddies, ‘wag palampasin ang Tanghalian na walang Tang at #UsapangTANGhalian! Try the #UsapangTANGhalian filter on Instagram: or Facebook: with your kids and you might just be surprised by their answers!

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