I am not really a fan of commercial air fresheners. Aside from most of them smells terrible, it contains various chemicals. So when I became a mom, I never used a commercial air freshener at home. Good thing there are a lot of natural air freshener – room and linen sprays nowadays. And I have found Heaven in a Bottle.

Heaven in a Bottle is an all-natural home spray. And what I love about natural products? It has no chemical and artificial fragrances added. And most of all – it is non-toxic, it is safe for my little one and to the whole family. Each bottle is infused with heavenly blend of natural essential oils that will definitely keep our home uniquely inviting for all.

Thanks to Heaven in a Bottle, I was able to try their all natural room & linen spray in powder fresh scent. I love powder fresh scent because it has a light and very comforting scent.  And this Heaven in a Bottle all natural room and linen spray in powder fresh scent was an instant fave! It leaves our room with a heavenly scent and powdery freshness. Their powder fresh scent smells just like fresh baby powder. And since it is all-natural room & linen spray, I can spray it anytime without worrying that it may harm my little one.

Heaven in a Bottle is available in peppermint, powder fresh, lavander, lavamint, eucamint, tutti frutti, citrus, orange, lemon, strawberry and rose scents. And it is only P125.00 per 150ml bottle.

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