Few weeks to go before Christmas! Time to check gifts off the list and start wrapping them up. There are a lot of Christmas ideas online to avoid Christmas rush and the crowd. Why I love online shopping? I’m one busy mama : full-time mama to Eliana the whole day and blogger at night (also a part-time crafter, gardener and baker).  It’s more convenient, more choices and less crowd.

Stuck for what to buy this Christmas Season? I’ve done the hard work for you and so I’ve rounded up my favorite online shops on Instagram for my Best Christmas Gift Ideas.I have chosen the best and unique gift ideas – most of them are handmade and crafted by local artisans and crafters, all locally-made. So here’s my #MrsEneroFinds :

  • Glassicology Handpainted Designs

Glasswares are one of the perfect gifts this Christmas season. Hand-painted glasswares are perfect for decorating your home, they can be customized too. Level up your glassware gifts with my MrsEnero Finds : Glassicology Handpainted Designs.

Glassicology is started by Ms. Fchel Estanislao last December and took it seriously in April 2017 by officially registering the business. Glassicology paint on glasswares that are functional, beautiful and meaningful to the eyes of the person who owns it. They offer both ready-made and custom-made hand-painted glasswares. Together with her cousin and nephew, they customized their crafts using metallic paints and glitters.

Photo credit : Glassicology

Products & Prices :

  1. Hand-painted glass canvas
    • Original 4×4″ square glass canvas with crystal stand. Price :  Php 80-250 each
    • Original 4″ round glass canvas with crystal stand. Price : Php 80-250 each
    • Original 4X12″ rectangular glass canvas with plastic holder. Price : Php 500-2,000each
    • Original 7×7″ square glass canvas with plastic holder. Price :  Php 500-2,000each
    • Original 9×12″ glass canvas with crystal stand/wall plastic holder. Price : Php 1,000-3,000 each
    • Original 15×12″ glass canvass with wall plastic/metal holder. Price : Php 2,500-7,000 each
    • Original 20×30″ glass canvass with wall plastic/metal holder. Price : Php 2,500-7,000 each
  2. Hand-painted glassware.
    • Hand-painted drinking jars and Hand-painted coffee mugs. Price : Php 150-500 each depending on the design
    • Hand-painted cup and saucers and Hand-painted beer mugs. Price : Php 350-1,500 each
    • Hand-painted shot glass. Price : Php 80 each
    • Hand-painted wine glass/regular glassware. Price : Php 100-500 each
    • Hand-painted drinking bottles/pitcher. Price : Php 250-1,500 each
    • Hand-painted (reverse-painted) glass coasters. Price : Square – Php 80 each and Circle – Php 120 each
  3. New Products
    • The Lightbox. Price : Php 1,200
    • Faux Stained Glass. Price : Php 100
    • Game Boards. Price : Php 250
    • Prisma Candle Holders. Price : Php 250

Upcoming events : NOEL BAZAAR on November 16-19 at World Trade Center, Pasay and BGC ART MART on December 15-16 at BGC Art Center, Taguig.

For more inquiries : Follow Glassicology on Facebook and Instagram or directly send email.

  • Noteworthy Handcrafted Clay Tags and Ornaments 

Noteworthy Handcrafted Clay Tags and Ornaments are my #MrsEneroFinds way back year 2015, I bought customized “house” design clay ornaments for our christmas tree. I really love the creativity of their designs. And why Noteworthy? Because each handcrafted piece is worth mentioning.

A hobby that turned out to be a small business.  Ms. Kristine have always been fascinated with unique and pretty gift wrapping ideas, that encouraged her to make her own gift tags.  A clay gift tag which is an alternative to the traditional paper tags we use. These are tags that are inspired by her love for craft, texture, color and gift giving.

Photo Credit : Noteworthy Clay Tags and Ornaments

Products : Clay Tags and Ornaments

Where to use the tags? Noteworthy tags can be used in almost anything you want to seem more attractive.

  • To tie your presents
  • To organize your kitchen, office, storage rooms and just about anything in your household.
  • To tie a bouquet of flowers
  • To label homemade treats and souvenirs
  • To adorn wine bottles, plain jars and vases.
  • To doll up table settings
  • As an ornament
  • To give as an actual gift

Prices : Price ranges from as low as Php 18 to Php 35 each depending upon the size and design of the tag/ornament.

For more inquiries : Follow Noteworthy Handcrafted Clay Tags and Ornaments on Facebook and Instagram or directly send email.

  • Handmade Gifts by Julia

My readers know how I love personalized stuffs, it really feels so special receiving personalized gifts. I love Handmade Gifts by Julia, all products are with high-quality, hands-on craftsmanship and beautifully crafted to detail. Each of these is sure to add a personal touch to your gift giving this year.

After Julia’s stint with Velocity Made Good (PH) Inc. as a Senior Graphic Designer in March 2016, she established Shop Julia Aparente which specializes in handmade and personalized necklaces. She always had this passion for arts and crafts and always inspired by the Bible’s passages. She combined both and started crafted necklaces then key chains and eventually expanded to rings, bracelets, ref magnets and bookmarks. And what I love most? Each design purchased will help provide meals to children of Christ the King Parish Las Pinas City Feeding Program.

Photo Credit : Handmade Gifts by Julia

Products & Prices:

For more inquiries : Follow Handmade Gifts by Julia on Facebook and Instagram or directly send email.

  • Go Natural Alegro

These Go Natural! Alegro bottled dried herbs and spices are one of the BEST Christmas gift ideas I’ve seen online. It is organically grown and traditionally dried, perfect for herbs and spices lover like me. Bottled dried herbs are for healthier meals and recipes. GNA provides complete gift packaging, to spare their clients from the hassle of going through Christmas rush, traffic and gift-wrapping.  They also do meet-ups and personal delivery for bulk Christmas orders, but they also ship nationwide for regular orders.

Go Natural Alegro was actually the brainchild of Ms. Abegail Ruiz’ aunt, who loves organic and healthy products. Her aunt started selling the products a few years ago, through her regular weekend bazaar in Tagaytay. Ms. Abegail recognized the uniqueness of the products and its great health benefits, so she decided to order a few samples from her Aunt. She created the Go Natural Alegro Instagram handle, she got few inquiries about the product and so she continued on marketing through both social media.

Photo Credit : Go Natural Alegro

Products : Go Natural! Alegro Bottled Herbs & Pure Turmeric Powder. Herbs include Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Parsley, Oregano.

Prices : May vary depending on the packaging. Contact Ms. Abegail via viber or SMS 0917-5158389.

For more inquiries : Follow Go Natural Alegro on Facebook and Instagram or directly send email.

  • The Happily Ever Crafter Mom

I love crochet and knitted gifts. And whether it’s hot cup of coffee or cocoa on Christmas morning or Christmas Eve, keep all your drinks warm with The Happily Ever Crafter Mom’s adorable mug cozies. This beautifully crocheted mug coziest are perfect Christmas gift, especially when paired with a special mug. Tis‘ the season to be cozy!

The Happily Ever Crafter Mom is beautifully crocheted by Ms. Hazel Garabiles. She became as “the happily ever crafter mom” the moment her first daughter was born, and now that she has three daughters, she remained as their “fairy craft mother” who always creates something for them. Her crocheting journey started during her pregnancy to her 3rd daughter, three years ago. It was started as a hobby and upon seeing her beautiful crafts, her friends started to requests for crocheted items that she happily crafted for free. Her online business officially started just summer this year, when other people started ordering crochet bikinis, mug cozies and coasters.

Photo credit : The Happily Ever Crafter Mom

Products : Crocheted items plus other handmade crafts

  • Crocheted purse and bags
  • Crocheted coasters
  • Crocheted mug cozies
  • Crocheted beanie hats
  • Crocheted swimwears
  • Crocheted scarfs
  • Crocheted mittens and fashion for babies

Prices :  Prices vary depending on the product sizes.

For more inquiries : Follow The Happily Ever Crafter Mom on Facebook and Instagram or directly send email.

  • Treen Manila

Wooden decor gifts make the season extra special. Simple but very elegant when displayed inside the house, wooden decors with a personalized touch are the perfect gifts that are worth displaying.

Treen Manila offer products out of the ordinary by making sure it was made with pure passion and bliss. Treen, literally “of a tree” is a generic name for small handmade functional household objects made of wood. Although they also use other materials, such as acrylic and mdf, Treen Manila offers home decors and small functional objects primarily made of reclaimed wood. Their products make lovely addition to any home, office or store and we take personalized items to a different level.

Photo Credit : Treen Manila

Products & Prices:

  • Advent Tealigh Blocks. Price : Php 800
  • Eve : Floral Design Wall/Desk Clock. Price : Php 700
  • Family Board. Price : Php 1,300
  • Eve : Floral Design Wall/Desk Clock. Price : Php 700
  • Family Frame. . Price : Php 1,500
  • God’s Knot : Wooden Board. Price : Php 650
  • Faith Hope Love Tealight Candle Blocks . Price : Php 500
  • Maya’s Rose Box of 18. Price : Php300
  • Maya’s Rose Box of 30 with tealight candle block . Price : Php500
  • Maya’s Rose Inspirational Wood Block Set. Price : Php250
  • Maya’s Rose Special Gift Box Set. Price : Php150
  • Maya’s Rose Wooden Block Set. Price : Php180
  • Number Cut Clock. Price : Php700
  • Painted Letter & Floral – Pallet Clock. Price : Php750
  • Pallet Clock. Price : Php550
  • Paper Weight Block. Price : Php150
  • Personalized “Daughter/Son of a King” – Large Board. Price : Php800
  • Personalized Baby Block. Price : Php700
  • Personalized Serving Board. Price : Php400
  • Personalized Wooden Ornaments. Price : Php120
  • Rustic : Wooden Ring and Arrhae Holder/Bearer. Price : Php350
  • Scrabble Tealight Candle Block. Price : Php180
  • Sleepy Cloud Face Eall Clock or Decor. Price : Php600
  • Solid Cut Clock. Price : Php700
  • Tealight Candle Block Personalized. Price : Php200
  • Wall signs. Price : Php 1,200
  • Wooden Book Ends. Price : Php 550
  • Wall coaster. Price : Php 180
  • Wooden wall piece. Price : Php 800

For more inquiries : Follow Treen Manila on Facebook and Instagram or directly send email.


  • Inspired by PH

Online shop is the easiest way to choose unique items, which are cannot be found in ordinary store. Celebrate Christmas the Filipino way by this creative Philippine inspired products of Inspired by PH.

Inspired by PH is owned by real life couple who are not Filipino – Jane & Max, they are Russians who have they found their home in Negros Island and open their business Caus Planet Inc. Philippine nature, wildlife and people give us so much inspiration that we called our online project: inspireby.ph. They live in Dumaguete City and mostly our product connected with this location. They are making designer product, which brought people joy and happiness and we want to do more together with Filipino people.  Aside from their in-house design, the company collaborates with local artists in promoting the Philippines through postcards. They are providing opportunities to local talents.

Photo Credit : InspiredbyPH

Products & Prices :

  • Postcards.  Price ranges from as low as Php 25 to Php 30
  • Postcard Sets. Price ranges from as low as Php65 (set of 3) to Php 345 (set of 15)
  • Writing Memo Pad. Price ranges from as low as Php 85 to Php 100
  • Travel Notebooks. Price : Php65
  • Magnets. Price ranges from as low as Php 50 to Php 140 (set of 3)
  • Travel mugs. Price : Php 320
  • Posters. Price : Php 190
  • Gift sets. Price ranges from as low as Php 155 to Php 345
  • Souvenirs by Philippine islands. Price ranges from as low as Php 25 to Php 320

For more inquiries : Follow Inspired by PH on Facebook and Instagram or directly send email.

  • Liam & Levi Handcrafted Soaps

Who wouldn’t appreciate a present of handcrafted soaps with pure essential oils? I love Liam & Levi Handcrafted Soaps because they use Organic Avocado oil & Organic  African Shea butter in their products. Chemical free and Toxin free, and use  only 100 % Pure Essential oils.

  • NO Glycols, parabens, artificial fragrances or dyes
  • NO pegs, MEA, DEA, TEA, or EDTA
  • NO petroleum compounds, Mineral oil, petroleum
  • NO sulfates- SLS/SLES
  • NO Phtalates
  • NO animal derived ingredients or animal testing

Liam& Levi Handcrafted soaps started last May 2017, a year after Architect’s husband and wife Jeremy & Nina San Juan wanted to continue their creative gifts around their passion, which is marriage and family. That’s why they named their brand from their two sons’ second names.  That’s why they named their brand from their two sons’ second names. Noa LIAM & Jediah LEVI. The business started out as a sugar-free outlet for Nina as soap making is like baking without sugar and a  creative hobby for Jeremy.   Nina suffers from allergies and various chemical sensitivities so it is her life-mission together with her husband to get safer products into the hands of everyone.

Photo Credit : Liam & Levi Handcrafted Soaps

Products & Prices :


For more inquiries : Follow Liam & Levi Handcrafted Soaps on Facebook and Instagram or directly send email.

  • Makrama Wall Hanging

Macrame wall hanging and plant hangers give that vintage, country touch to the space. Macrame hangers are a great way to bring a space to life.  I love the natural look and feel of the design, and it is the perfect way to add a touch of glamour to a plain wall.

Makrama Wall Hanging started December of 2016, it all started as a hobby until Ms. Kim’s friends convinced her to shop online. She started selling online early year of 2017, and until now, she’s very happy on the opportunities come and go, and  always happy to share her craft to everyone. She started in making plant hangers and wall hanging, and  she’s happy and proud that now, they have key chains, Macrame curtains, table runner and bags. Their main goal here is to show how artistic and creative Filipinos are, and shopping / supporting local is not bad.

Photo Credit : Makrama Wall Hanging

Products & Prices :

  • Keychains – Php 190
  • Plant Hangers – Php 550-750
  • Wall Hanging – Php 1,150 – 3,500
  • Wall Curtain Php 4,200 – 10,500
  • Bags – Php 1500 – 2000
  • Table Runner –  Php 1,350 – 7,500

For more inquiries : Follow Makrama Wall Hanging on Facebook and Instagram or directly send email.

That’s it! Whether you’re looking for that special something for dearest family and friends, there should be something in the below to fit the bill. I am happy to share my #MrsEneroFinds with you, Happy shopping!

But wait! It’s your favorite, CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY TIME! And because it’s BER months, I am happy to be your Santa Mama. Together with above mentioned nine (9) online shops, we will be giving away a Christmas Gift set I will be choosing only ONE winner.

Giveaway Mechanics :

  1. Follow MrsEnerodiaries  on Facebook and/or Instagram.
  2. Follow below online shops on Facebook and/or Instagram.
    • @glassicology
    • @noteworthy_ph
    • @shopjuliaaparante
    • @thehappilyevercraftermom
    • @gonaturalalegro
    • @inspiredby.ph
    • @treenmanila
    • @liam_and_levi_handcraftedsoap
    • @makramwallhanging
  3. Tag/Mention three Instagram friends on the OFFICIAL giveaway photo found on my Facebook page OR Instagram.
  4. Repost the giveaway photo with the caption “Merry Christmas MrsEneroDiaries. Join #mrsEnerodiariesgiveaway @friend1 @friend2 @friend3”

Giveaway details :

  1. Mechanics above should be follow.
  2. Strictly non-giveaway account.
  3. Please make sure that your Facebook post or Instagram account is set to public.
  4. The giveaway will run from November 14 to December 17, 2017.
  5. The giveway will closed on the midnight of December 18, 2017 and the winner will be announced on my blog.
  6. Open to all Philippine residents only.

Good luck everyone!



BLOG GIVEAWAY WINNER via Random Name Picker :

Otanie Binuya @taniebinuya

Kindly message your Full Name, Contact Number and Shipping Address on Facebook.
CONGRATULATIONS and thank you everyone for joining! 🙂

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