It’s been years and yet we are still living in the #newnormal because of the pandemic. And in order to maintain healthy hygiene and have a protective shield around us against the virus, we must regularly keep safety essentials. These products add up to our monthly budget, good thing I just found a wide range of affordable safety products online at O-Superstore! 

O-Superstore is home to high-quality products from kitchen needs, home and personal care, and even food service items. Sharing some of their home cleaning and sanitizing products :

  • Simply Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner 500ml ( ₱125.00), Simply Clean Disinfectant Cleaner 500ml ( ₱135.00), and Simply Clean Room Spray 500ml ( ₱249.00). Simply Clean cleaner and spray are easy-to-use and it effectively kills germs and bacteria and efficiently eliminates foul odors.
  • Ecozone Anti-bac Multisurface Wipes 40s ( ₱280.00). Ecozone’s brand new Aloe Vera & Cucumber scented anti-bacterial multisurface wipes come in an easily re-sealable packet. It also have a fast-dry action formula, guaranteeing your surfaces are left clear, sanitized, and free from harmful bacteria. I also love that it is also 100% biodegradable.
  • Safecare Antibacterial Hand Soap – Fresh Green Apple 1L ( ₱100.00 ). afecare Antibacterial Hand Soap is a premium liquid hand soap with moisturizing properties. It is formulated for routine handwashing applications. It is so affordable 1Liter is only ₱100.00!
  • Stay Safe Surface Sanitizer Spray 300g ( ₱349.00 ) . It is 100% made in Australia. This multi-purpose sanitiser aerosol spray is used to sanitize hard and soft surfaces and eliminate odors.
  • Safecare Bactofree Isopropyl Hand Sanitizer 500mL ( ₱99.00). Safecare Bactofree Hand Sanitizer is an unscented isopropyl alcohol-based hand sanitizer that is specially formulated for routine hand sanitizing applications as a measure of preventing cross-contamination & infection and maintaining a high level of personal hygiene. It is conveniently packed in a 500mL pump bottle for easy dispensing.
  • Safecare Bactofree 70% Isopropyl Alcohol 150mL (₱32.00). Safecare Bactofree 70% Isopropyl Alcohol is 99.9% effective against bacteria and viruses. It has Vitamin E and a pleasing scent, Safecare Bactofree is tough on germs but easy on the hands. 

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Shop safely and conveniently at O-Superstore now! Don’t forget to use my code ANGELOSS to enjoy 10% off on your first purchase. Find out more of their products on O-Superstore’s Facebook and Instagram or shop directly at

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