Users of theAsianparent Philippines app, which has a community of over half a million Filipino parents, can now enjoy fun learning and curriculum-based videos at home as Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc. (KCFI) partners with theAsianparent, the number one content and community web and app platform for parents in Southeast Asia, strengthening the foundation’s commitment to improving distance learning in the country during the pandemic.  

Forty videos developed by Knowledge Channel for early childhood education, covering preschool to first grade, which include excerpts from children’s show “ATBP,” and shorts “Musikantahan” and “Kwentoons,” will be housed in theAsianparent Philippines app and website.  

theAsianparent supports families in 12 countries, including the Philippines, in their journey to parenthood and fostering their children’s development through various content. It is the fastest and largest growing online parenting community in the Philippines, with over 3 million unique visits and 12 million page views per month, 880,000 parents in its social network, and over 900,000 app downloads. 

“This partnership with theAsianparent is very timely for several reasons. The parents have now become the teachers at home while children and teachers are unable to return to face-to-face classes. There is also an urgent need to support early childhood education that has been a little bit neglected and is certainly feeling the effects of the pandemic,” Edric Calma, Director of Operations of KCFI, said during the virtual contract signing event. 

“There is an ongoing shift towards traditional learning. theAsianparent is the perfect partner for KCFI in addressing these three challenges. I believe that our parents need to have more access points in downloading and using our video lessons aside from our usual on-air, online, and offline platforms. While daycare centers are closed, your app can serve as a way for young kids to continue learning from their homes with their parents,” Calma added. 

For theAsianparent Philippines’ General Manager Frances Ang, not only is the partnership timely to expand the reach of their content to more households, it also enables them to contribute to Knowledge Channel’s advocacy in building a brighter future for Filipino children. 

“Together, we will be able to reach out to more Filipino families through our content and our multiple platforms. In this unprecedented time, access to high-quality education is a big challenge to all families, given that face-to-face learning has to be put on hold. Our goal through this partnership is to be able to supplement and make these learning sessions more accessible for every Filipino child,” Ang said.  

She also said that through theAsianparent Philippines mobile app, kids will have access to educational videos created by the Knowledge ad-free.   

To access these video lessons from Knowledge Channel on theAsianparent Philippines, download its official app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or click here You can also visit its official website at

Visit for more educational materials and the latest updates on Knowledge Channel.  

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