Our family, most importantly, our kids are the special treasures we have and with that, we only want what  is best for them especially in terms of the food and drinks they consume. However, with the goal of making  them happy with their favorite refreshments, desserts and snacks, are you sure that they are nutritious for your little ones? 

Beware mommies, do not put your guard down and don’t be complacent because it’s not enough that we  buy products having popular names. There might be red flags that you don’t see in the usual products  that you buy. Just because we see our kids are enjoying their usual snacks and drinks doesn’t mean that  our job is done, because as important it is to give them what they want, it’s even more important to give  them what they need. As wise moms, we should check what ingredients are in the snacks and drinks that  we serve to our kids. Is there too much sugar? Too many artificial ingredients? Remember, giving what’s  best to our children is not only about providing tasty snacks and beverages –but rather, about providing  them with snacks and drinks that will nourish them and keep them healthy. 

Guilty? It’s never too late to break the habit of buying whatever is pleasing to the eyes and what is popular  because All Natural Seasons Juice by Dole have started the mommy movement #PledgeToDoubleCheck  that advocates for smarter and wiser grocery shopping. 

This movement is a call to be more conscious about your grocery shopping habits and to inform and  properly educate yourself about the ingredients of the products you are buying. The lesser ingredients  they contain, the more natural they probably are, hence, a healthier and safer product for the family.  

We may think that the current products that we are purchasing are already “healthy” but upon checking  their ingredients lists, you might be shocked to find that they contain chemically-sounding, artificial  additives and preservatives to add a more flavorful taste. Fair warning for all mommies that when there  are too many ingredients (more than 10) and are a bit complicated or hard to understand, it could be a  sign that the product contains a lot of artificial ingredients that are not advisable to be consumed in large  amounts regularly so you might want to reconsider buying it. 

Through pledging to check the label, you are committing towards being more aware on which brands to  put your trust in and assessing which are true to their claim of being a healthy product. You will be shocked  to discover that the products you have patronized and have made staple food items at home contain ingredients that may result to health complications. 

Well-known celebrity mommies like Jolina Magdangal, Neri Miranda and Pokwang, together with some  sought-after mommy bloggers such as Pehpot Pineda, and Peachy Adarne have spearheaded this  movement of breaking the bad habit of not checking the label and starting to read and scrutinize the  contents of the food and drinks that they buy.  

It’s about time that you join us, not only by signing the pledge but taking this to greater heights by sharing  this message to invite other mommies out there to take the pledge to double check the ingredients to  really know what’s in your juice. 

Other mommies nationwide who have started taking in on the pledge admitted how double checking the  back label has made significant changes on them as a mom and how they were able to protect their  children from health risks.

“[As] a meticulous [and] curious mom, checking the back label helped me to verify the nutritional claims,  compare brands, and choose which one offers the best buy for my family,” said Mommy Erlyne Penaroyo  from Makati City. 

“Double checking the back label of [the] products I shop from the groceries made me a more cautious and  practical mom I am. It ensures my family’s safety most especially these times of pandemic. Dole’s All  Natural Seasons #PledgeToDoubleCheck made me realize to double check all the things before purchasing  and consuming,” according to Mommy Dyanna Cañas from Biñan City. 

These mommies have proven that familiarizing yourself with the ingredients and nutrition content of the  products you consume is an important factor that should be normalized and graciously followed. 

“I always double check the back label of each items I [buy] especially for my kids because I always want to  make it sure na healthy ang lagi kong binibili at binibigay sa kanila at may natural ingredients na  makakatulong sa health nila. I am very conscious mom lalo na sa mga binibigay ko sa aking family, kaya  super important sakin na i-double check lagi ang back label,” Mommy Kimberly Fajilan from Batangas City added. 

“It’s good to be aware if a certain food is high in sugar, carbs or in sodium. [and] also for the calorie content and ingredients, sometimes ‘pag puro preservatives malalaman mo agad kasi hindi familiar ang  ingredients,” said Mommy Gec Cajucom from Parañaque City. 

Join this movement now and be part of the change! Post a photo of yourself holding and reading the  back label of any food or beverage product and tell us what you discovered when you double-checked.  Don’t forget to use the hashtag #PledgeToDoubleCheck and tag @allnaturalseasons so you can  influence other mommies, and little by little, we can all take the next steps towards creating a healthier  lifestyle for us and our children.

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