The cutest personalized bib in town – Bibs Manila! I loveeee personalized things, especially to kid’s stuff from their clothes to their toys and now to Luffy’s bibs.  Yes, bibs are not just babies and toddler’s essentials but also become more trendy and make our baby’s ootd more fashionable.  Bibs Manila offers so many cute designs and what makes it more special? It can be personalized too!

Luffy has eczema, so I really love that Bibs Manila is made with a soft cloth material. He’s using it for weeks, but he’s not irritated at all. And can you believe that Bibs Manila is only P175.00 per piece? Grabe di ba? From the quality material plus it’s personalized too, very affordable!

These are Luffy’s Bibs Manila collections. I have ordered for five Bibs Manila personalized bibs. These are custom-designed by Bibs Manila.  They have so many designs to choose from under their “Shop Personalized Baby Bibs” page : I got (from left to right) Teepee Fun, Woodlands, The Traveller, Dinosaur Pattern and Ready to Race.

The last two were under “Design Your Own Bib“, wherein I just send my own design to Bibs Manila. I got One Piece templates over the Internet.  Look how cute their bibs are!  Luffy’s name was really after the anime, One Piece. My husband is a huge fan of One Piece’s main character – Luffy.  He was really amazed seeing these One Piece themed bibs from Bibs Manila. 

Bibs Manila can be a beautiful gift to your inaanak or pamangkin. They offer a gift sets that come with an adorable reusable gift box. They have Weekly Bib set for P1,225.00 and Monthly Bib set P2,100.00. Yes, these are all personalized too! Check their Monthly Bib set now, it is currently on SALE for only P1,800.00. You can have this adorable gift box for FREE when you ordered for seven personalized bibs. Yayyyy!!!

They also recently launched their Personalized Hand-Painted Bib. These were hand-painted by KC, a 12 years old, and a child-wonder from Dumaguete, that visually expresses a narrative in all of her paintings. Check out her creative designs here .

Order your personalized bibs now at Bibs Manila website. For more details: Follow Bibs Manila on Facebook and Instagram.

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