Cha-Ching and SAFE STEPS Kids launch playzone for kids until August 7 at Alabang Town Center.

Leading life insurer Pru Life UK and Prudence Foundation, the community investment arm of Prudential Plc, have launched their newest financial literacy and health and safety awareness initiatives, Cha-Ching Money Adventures game and SAFE STEPS Kids Stress Busters with interactive on-ground activities for children in Alabang Town Center.

From July 10 until August 7, parents can bring their kids aged 7 to 12 to try out the newly launched web-based learning game, Cha-Ching Money Adventures, to experience fun learning about key money management concepts. They can also acquire important life-saving health and safety skills from the SAFE STEPS Kids Stress Busters interactive tasks, videos, and educational materials, which focus on first aid, disaster and road safety, and mental health. 

“The Cha-Ching Money Adventures Game and SAFE STEPS Kids Stress Busters bring enjoyment and encourage participation. We aim to educate and protect as many Filipinos as we can and help them get the most out of life. Raising a generation of financially literate and health-conscious kids will help us achieve this goal in the long run. This is our We DO Commitment,” said Pru Life UK President and Chief Executive Officer Eng Teng Wong.

“Cha-Ching and SAFE STEPS Kids are two core programmes of Prudence Foundation that aim to bring safety and protection to communities across Asia and Africa, through sustainable, long-term initiatives focused on education, health and safety. Given the unprecedented changes brought by the global pandemic in the rise of e-learning as well as the challenges and stress faced by many families across the world, we hope to make a positive contribution to the lives of children and their families with the launch of Cha-Ching Money Adventures and SAFE  STEPS Kids Stress Busters,” said Nicole Ngeow Director, Prudence Foundation.

Filipino kids get a chance to try the Cha-Ching Money Adventures game with the installed mobile devices in the playzone and are guided by booth facilitators for a better playing experience. This activity helps improve their money decision-making skills with the fundamental concepts of Earn, Save, Spend and Donate within a compelling narrative adventure. Along with the Cha-Ching band characters, they are able to better engage with the money activities in the booth. 

SAFE STEPS Kids Stress Busters encourages kids to take part in its six Stress Busters setups on how to take care of their health, and features a mental health video clip. This also teaches kids essential life skills, such as first aid, disaster, and road safety.

From Left to Right Pru Life UK Vice President for Community Investment & Advocacy Gizelle Camua, Regional Programmes Director of the Prudence Foundation Nicole Ngeow, Head of Operations and Program Development of Galileo
From Left to Right Regional Programmes Director of the Prudence Foundation Nicole Ngeow, Executive Director of Junior Achievement Philippines Krishna Alejandrino, Executive Director of Asia Society for Social Improvement

Cha-Ching and SAFE STEPS are Prudence Foundation’s notable award-winning initiatives. Cha-Ching provides kids with the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions. Cha-Ching Money Adventures is the latest addition to the Cha-Ching ecosystem that was created in 2011, in cooperation with Cartoon Network, the leading children’s television channel in Asia Pacific. SAFE STEPS Kids, on the other hand, is a multi-platform educational and awareness building programme on life saving techniques for natural disasters, road safety and first aid. The programme partners with Cartoon Network and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). 

The Cha-Ching Money Adventures online game will be made available on the official Cha-Ching website,, and SAFE STEPS Kids Stress Busters mental health video can be viewed on the SAFE STEPS Kids website at

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