Finance guru Rose Fres Fausto turns the spotlight on principles affecting money behaviors in her latest book “Why Financial Education Alone Does Not Work,” the second installment in her financial intelligence quotient (FQ) trilogy published by ABS-CBN Books.

“It took a lot of courage on my part to write this book. Why? Because many people would not like to hear what I have to say,” said the bestselling author, who seeks to elucidate why financial literacy per se is not enough to guide people in making better money choices.

While understanding finance fundamentals remains important, the FQ mom said that people should not count on it to solve woeful behaviors that lead to poor money conditions. “In order to solve financial problems, we have to focus on our actual financial behavior,” she added.

“Why Financial Education Alone Does Not Work” is divided into three parts and Rose shares her detailed assessment in the first part of the book followed by a crash course on behavioral economics.

In the book’s third part called “The Psychology Of Money,” the author introduced two main characters—Mak who is ‘makatwiran’ or rational and Emong who makes financial decisions based on his emotions. 

Readers will get to see themselves in these two characters facing various relatable situations as Rose tackles 16 vital principles affecting how people arrive at money decisions in everyday life, even when buying essentials, paying for repairs, and doing leisurely activities.   

Among the principles explained are the ‘price of free’ which attracts people to the price of zero than any other price, no matter how low; ‘ego depletion’ or the limited ability to make sound choices because of decision overload, hunger, self-restraint, and fatigue; and ‘pain of paying’ which seems to make purchases less painful depending on the mode of payment.

Rose is a newspaper columnist, a behavioral economist, and a Gallup-certified strengths coach. Her new manual is a follow-up to “FQ: The nth Intelligence” book where she talked about tips on how to improve one’s relationship with money.

Understand “Why Financial Education Alone Does Not Work” and learn about the “Psychology of Money” in this latest ABS-CBN Books’ offering available on Lazada, and Shopee for only P680. For more details, follow ABS-CBN Books on Facebook ( and Instagram (@abscbnbooks).  

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